Are these the weirdest urinals ever?

Chinese restaurant builds ‘erotic’ bathroom where scantily-clad mannequins watch you pee

Faced by a scantily-clad mannequin gazing back at you, this is not your everyday trip to the toilet.

But one restaurant in Taiyuan, north east China, has decided to jazz up its toilets by installing the string of female figures around the urinals, the People’s Daily Online reports.

There is a variety of outfits on show, including one in a figure-hugging pink dress complete with stockings, a mannequin dressed in a revealing skirt and yellow crop-top and one in a see-through pale dress.

Men Find It Hard Using WC In Front Of Female Models

To use the peculiar facilities, males have to press right up against the mannequins with some complaining of this leading to stage fright.

Sun Kao, 24, said: ‘When I saw the women there, I walked back out again because I thought I was in the wrong place.

‘But when I realised it was the right place and I tried to relieve myself, it just didn’t work.’

Men Find It Hard Using WC In Front Of Female Models

This is not the first unusual designed facility to emerge from Taiyuan, the provincial capital of Shanxi Province.

A toilet eatery, serving up lavatorial delights such as brown, curly wisps of soft serve ice cream – as well as more standard noodle, meat and vegetable dishes – opened at the end of August.

All of the recipes come in individual, toilet-like vessels, from bidets to potties to – in the case of the ice cream – little cups, where the plumbing at the back forms a dainty handle for diners to hold their end-of-meal digestif.

Men Find It Hard Using WC In Front Of Female Models

The restaurant itself is equipped to resemble a bathroom, with showers attached to the walls and seats that look like toilet bowls topped with cushions in the shape of large piles of poo.

Toilet restaurants have become popular across China, with cities including Chonqing, Shanghai, Kunming and Hangzhou boasting their own toilet chains, and others in Korea and Japan.

Men Find It Hard Using WC In Front Of Female Models