Have you heard the one about the socialist octopus who earns £45k a year?

The political climate in Spain is far from stable at the moment – a brand new radical left wing party is first in the polls and if they get into power it could cause huge problems for the EU.

The reason for their popularity? The country is disenchanted with a political elite marred with accusations of corruption, against the backdrop of severe austerity.

And in a country with a minimum wage of a paltry €700 per month, a low ranking civil servant has caused outrage after it was revealed that he earns over €60,000 (£45,000) per year.

Carlos Javier Carpio Arenas is best known for dressing up as an octopus at a political rally for the Madrid Socialist Party in 2011, though he earns a living as a city maintenance coordinator in the small town of Parla.

Podemos: A radical left wing party is on the rise in Spain because of disenchantment with the current system  

The job comes with a salary of just €15,000 per year, but the socialist octopus has managed to quadruple his wages through productivity-related bonuses.

It means this particular low-ranking civil servant earns THREE times the average salary in a country crippled by debt.

But he’s outdone by the town mayor’s chauffeur, who earns over €64,000 per year despite his basic salary being €11,040.

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