Inventions you never knew you needed – from dog umbrellas to pizza scissors

Designer Andrew Tinsley has created the cookie catcher – a nylon pouch that holds your biscuit and collects the soggy bits that drop off during dunking

A dad of two from Watford this week revealed an invention to stop your biscuit crumbling in your tea.

The Cookie Catcher is a nylon mesh pouch that holds your biccy and collects any soggy bits that drop off during the delicate dunking process.

Designer Andrew Tinsley has already received 600 orders from tea drinkers up and down the country.

So it seems we’d been crying out for one after all. Here are seven more genius inventions you didn’t know you needed…

The Roller Buggy

Roller Buggy

Genius: The Roller Buggy

Bored of pushing the pram?

Just hop on to the built-in scooter and whizz your way down the high street.

Just make sure you’ve strapped the littl’n in first!

The Dogbrella

Dry pooch: The Dogbrella

Keep your pooch safe and dry with this pet umbrella.

The built-in leash attaches to the collar and extends to allow you to get on with your walkies as normal.

Pizza scissors

Pizza Scissors
Perfect every time: Pizza Scissors

How have we survived til now without these? Simply slide under your pizza and use the scissors to cut a perfect slice.

Pen lid cutlery

Din-Ink Pen Cap Eating Utensils
Dinner time: The Din-Ink Pen Cap Eating Utensils

Perfect for those who regularly eat at their desk.

This knife fork and spoon attachments simply fit on the end of your biro like a pen lid.

Hamster cage paper shredder

Hamster Cage Paper Shredder

Bedtime: Hamster cage paper shredder

Destroy sensitive documents and keep your critter happy at the same time.

This paper shredder not only provides fresh bedding for your furry friend, but it’s powered by him too.

Talk about efficient!

The Selfie Stick

Selfie Stick

Say cheese: The Selfie Stick

It’s so tough to get a flattering angle when taking a selfie… well, not any more.

This extendable “arm” lets you mount your phone or camera and achieve that all important perspective.

So all you have left to work on is your pout.

LED slippers

LED Slippers

Never get lost: LED Slippers

No more stumbling around in the dark or stubbing your toe on kids’ toys on the way to the loo in the middle of the night.

These fleece slippers come with built-in movement-sensing LED torches so you can see where you’re going.