Man trains his cat to hunt for food

Monkey the cat has been taught a novel way to get his dinner- he hunts for his pray like his wilder members of the feline family, despite living indoors.

Cats are natural predators – so when they live predominantly indoors it can be a worry that they aren’t fulfilling their natural purpose in the way they should be.
But Ben Millam has found a way to solve this problem – by creating a system where his cat has to hunt for his dinner, despite living indoors.
Writing on his blog, Ben details how he wanted to create a system where his cat, Monkey, could fulfill it’s primal instinct.

Man trains his cat to hunt for food
He says he originally thought about hiding bowls of food around the house, but worried about the upkeep; refilling the bowls and cleaning them up if the cat didn’t find them.
So, he came up with a system where Monkey finds a ball hidden in the house, and carries it to a feeding system.
When he drops the ball into the system, a chip inside it registers and food gets released, so Monkey gets fed.
Man trains his cat to hunt for foodHe wanders around the house looking for the balls which enable him to get food
Ben says that before Monkey mastered the feeding system, he was trained using the clicking method, which is a behavioural technique .
It gets the cat to associate the ball with the food, so that eventually the cat gets an association with the object and getting fed- in this case, the ball.
Ben’s blog post was highly successful, with people commenting on what a good idea it was and how they want to follow in his footsteps and train their cats in to indoor hunters.

Source: Monkey the Cat Hunts for Dinner – YouTube