The Lingerie Fighting Championships (Photos)

This is basically every teenage boy’s wet dream (we can’t believe it really exists) – forget Froch vs. Groves, the big match actually took place last night.

Yes, as all real sports fans will know, it was all about LFC19: Hadden vs Mei.

For those who still have no idea, this is the Lingerie Fighting Championships which took place at the Silver Nugget Casino in Las Vegas on Friday night.

Billed as ‘MMA’s (that’s mixed martial arts) most controversial league’, LFC (which should not be confused with Liverpool Football Club), is exactly what it sounds like – women fighting in their underwear.

Last night, in front of a packed house (hardly surprising considering tickets were a measly $20 on the door) Feather ‘The Hammer’ Hadden (dressed in a sheer black and blue slip) defended her Lingerie Fighting Championship belt against challenger Holly ‘The Lotus’ Mei (who was wearing a fluro pink-trimmed lace maids oufit).

There were also matches between Serina “Honey Punch” Kyle and Maxine “The Boss” Frost as well as Megan “Baby” Doll and Brenda “Juice” Jones.

But look guys, let’s be honest; if you clicked on this link you don’t really care about the facts and figures, ins and outs, or the rules of the game, do you?

No, you just want to look at pictures of women in their nick-nacks pulling each other’s hair.

Fine, have it your way. We give up.


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