Woman opened fire at McDonald’s over cheeseburger screw up

A MCDONALD’S customer is facing prison after opening fire when staff messed up her order.

Shaneka Torres went on the McWarpath when workers gave her a bacon cheeseburger without bacon in it at a McDonald’s in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

She first complained when the tasty treat arrived without bacon and was told she could have a free one next time she visited.


A few hours later she returned to the drive-thru for her free burger but was agin given an inadequate amount of bacon.

At this point Torres pulled a pistol out of her purse and opened fire.

She also screamed “B****, you don’t know who you’re talking,” as she shot.

Her lawyer John Beason argued that she fired accidentally.

“She says she pulled the trigger, but she did not pull it on purpose,” he said.

“Stupid? Yes. Mistake? Yes. Accident? Yes. Intentional? No.”

The bullet smashed the drive-thru window and only narrowly missed a worker who had ducked to pick up a burger.

Torres, who could face seven years in jail after being convicted. will be sentenced next month.