Chinese Man Eats Iron Nails

When it comes to getting iron in your diet, this guy nails it!

If you haven’t already thrown up after reading that corny sentence, you just might get sick watching Yunsheng Long eat iron nails. The 49-year-old Chinese man, dubbed the “Incredible Human Munching Machine,” likes to eat fresh nails with a bit of oil on them, like a “salad dressing,” he told Express.

“Much better than a nasty old rusty nail,” he said.

He learned the incredible — and NOT ADVISABLE — stunt from a circus performer about 32 years ago. He’s been eating tools, munching on glass and chewing on porcelain ever since, UPI reports. Somehow, he’s in great shape.

“I have a throat like iron and a stomach like poured concrete,” he told Express. “A thing has not been made that I cannot get down – and keep down.”

No, we have no idea how he passes them. ‘Nuff said.

We do know that others who have swallowed nails have been hospitalized. So again: Don’t try this at home, or anywhere.



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