Climber falls 70 feet into a crevasse and uses Facebook to call for help

The below video was taken by John All, while he was trapped inside a freezing crevasse.

John All, a professor of geography and environmental studies at Western Kentucky University fell 70 feet into an crevasse, on Mount Himlung in the Himalayas, and managed to send out a Facebook SOS.

44-year-old All wrote on the American Climber Science Program page:

“Please call Global Rescue. John broken arm, ribs, internal bleeding. Fell 70 ft crevasse. Climbed out. Himlung camp 2. Please hurry.”

The climber told reporters that he was convinced he was going to die after falling into the icy grave.

It took the professor six hours to crawl out of the hole and three hours to reach his tent.

He spent the night in pain before being rescued by helicopter the next morning.

“All poster to Facebook “GR can’t find a helicopter so I’ll try to survive tonight. I crawled back to tent. Unless the bleeding inside gets me, I should live.”

“Bleeding inside feels better but so cold. Pain meds running low. Longest night ever.”

Due to the closure of Mount Everest last month due to the deaths of 16 sherpa guides on Prof All and his team had moved to Mount Himlung in central Nepal

“I thought I was going to die, there was no way out. I was alone,” a bruised and bandaged All said, “I landed on an ice ledge probably 3 feet wide which saved me from falling further into the crevasse.”

He broke five ribs and an arm, dislocated his shoulders, suffered internal bleeding and bruised his face and knees.

All crawled out of the crevasse using his ice axe, but due to his injuries could only move very slowly.

He was without a radio so had to crawl to his tent, his Facebook SOS was made via satellite messenger.

“Because of bad weather the helicopter could not reach me on that day, so I knew I had to spend the night by myself,” he said.

The climber said that despite having suffered from frostbitten fingers, spending 32 hours with a dislocated shoulder was the worst part.


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