Dad let 2-year-old son starve to death because of computer games

Gamers truly dedicate their time in front of their computers, but this young heartless dad in South Korea apparently chose gaming over his son, who died of hunger.

Chung, 22, was arrested under suspicion of leaving his son to die of hunger.

A South Korean boy starved to death as his video game-addicted dad played online at an Internet cafe, police said.

The jobless 22-year-old, whose surname is Chung, allegedly left his 2-year-old tot home alone for more than a week.

Only returning to feed the infant every three days, he arrived back on March 7 to find the baby dead.

The man was unemployed and spent hours, sometimes days, playing online games at an Internet cafe.

He allegedly left the corpse rotting inside the apartment for a month, before finally dumping it inside a suitcase.

Surveillance camera images allegedly to show him carrying the boy’s corpse, inside the luggage, from his apartment and into his building’s elevator.

He is then thought to have left it in a garden.

Chung, who reported the boy missing, was arrested on suspicion of allowing his infant son to starve to death after the bag was discovered.



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