Daughter Sleeps And Eats Next To Her Mother’s Corpse For THREE Years

In true Psycho-style, the woman dressed like her dead mother and propped up her mum’s skeleton at the dinner table every night without neighbours knowing

A woman spent three years eating and sleeping next to her dead mum in a cramped apartment, it has emerged.

Chava Stirn, 28, lived beside the corpse of her mother Susie Rosenthal everyday, propping her up at the dinner table before bedding down next to her at night.

The daughter reportedly had her mum’s skeleton stacked on bin bags in the kitchen when she was eventually discovered earlier this week.


It is understood she used to drag a chair into the kitchen at night to snooze next to her mum’s remains.

Stirn even dressed like her mother — wearing the same black outfit and shoes the 61-year-old was wearing when she died, according to the New York Post.

The eery living arrangements have been compared to those featured in the hit 1960s Hitchcock thriller Psycho.

Neighbours in Brooklyn didn’t suspect anything was wrong until a caretaker tried to investigate a leak coming from the apartment on Monday afternoon and alerted the authorities.

Stirn refused to open her door, so emergency workers knocked it down and found her in a chair, looking disheveled, surrounded by waist-high piles of rubbish.

She is understood to have lived with her mother before she died and never left the house, according to neighbours.

A relative reportedly used to leave food outside her door, because Stirn would never let anyone inside.

The cause of Rosenthal’s death is being investigated, while Stirn has been taken to Maimonides Medical Center for psychological tests.