Look Who Moved Into This Abandoned Mall

Fed-up members of the community introduced the fish to rainwater which had collected in the mall to combat a mosquito problem

These mesmerising pictures show thousands of Koi carp swimming around an abandoned shopping mall.

The stunning images show the mall transformed into a tropical haven for exotic creatures after the fish were introduced to combat a mosquito problem.

The New World mall in Bangkok was abandoned in 1997 and after losing its roof became a haven for mosquitos.

Fed-up members of the local community decided to introduce a few Koi carp to the water as a way of dealing with the mosquitos – as the fish find them a particular delicacy.

Since their introduction, the carp have multiplied at a rate nobody could have imagined, and have now taken over the shopping centre – creating an eerie man-made oasis.

The pond also features a variety of other creatures which have been introduced, including catfish – which can occasionally grow up to 3ft in length.

In Britain, Koi carp are popular in fish ponds and can change hands for hundreds of pounds each.

The New World mall was built in the 1980s as an 11-storey project, but later fell foul of building regulations when it constructed another seven floors on top.

It closed its doors completely in 2011 after locals who heard about the ‘wonder of New Mall’ began visiting the 500 square metre fishpond – but a few still manage to make their way in to take photographs.


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