Mum’s bizarre new tattoo of The Rock wrestler on her leg gets Dwayne Johnson’s approval

Wrestling and movie star Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson gave a mum-of-four’s tattoo of his face the seal of approval.

Tara Nicholson had the star’s face inked onto her leg – and he then praised the artwork online.

The 43-year-old and her sons watched the wrestler at his pomp and they even have a poster of him hanging up.

“I see the poster in the morning and it just makes us smile,” the mother-of-four sons said. “So I just thought why not get it tattooed.”

Tara, a self-employed cleaner from Blyth, Northumberland, had the tattoo done by artist Stephen Rootes at his Monkseaton studio, Painting With Needles.

Newcastle Chronicle Tat’s good: Artist Stephen Rootes spent five hours inking Tara’s leg and then tweeted a picture to The Rock

After five-hours of tattooing the wrestler’s face on to the calf of her right leg, Stephen inboxed an image of the completed artistry to The Rock.

“He sent a picture of it to The Rock just to say he had done the tattoo on a customer and hoped he had approved,” said Tara. “Then The Rock retweeted it on Twitter and said thank you. Now it’s gone absolutely mental in America.”

The Rock retweeted the image of Tara’s tattooed leg which attracted more than 2,000 favourites and more than 600 retweets. More surprising is the reaction Tara’s tattoo received on Instagram with nearly 170,000 likes.

The Rock wrote on Instagram: “Whoever’s leg this is…I’m honored. Thank you so much.”

Newcastle Chronicle Knockout work: The Rock retweeted the picture of the tattoo saying ‘I’m honored’

Tara said she is overwhelmed by the reaction it has gotten Stateside.

She said: “I’m absolutely amazed. To me, I had just got a tattoo but I just can’t believe the response to it.

“I’ve been absolutely gobsmacked, which is a rare thing for me.”

Since the images of her tattoo have gone viral, she said her own Facebook page has received a lot of interest too.

“I’ve had 30 or 40 friend requests from people I don’t even know. But I won’t put them on because I don’t know them,” she said.

Newcastle Chronicle Face time: Tara has become popular since the image went viral, and her sons have nicknamed her ‘leg-end’

Her friends, colleagues and even her own sons are all amazed that she got the tattoo. She said her sons think she is famous and have even nicknamed her leg, “leg-end”.

“It just makes me smile especially when The Rock said he was flattered by it. You don’t get that everyday,” she said.

A lover of ink since she was 18 when she got her first tattoo of a flower, she recently acquired more in recent years. With nearly two sleeves worth of tattoos on her arms, she has around 30 tattoos in total now. The ink has given her confidence.

She said: “I actually got my first tattoo when I was 18 and I never got any more until three years ago.

Splash Rock n roll: Kiss singer Gene Simmons is next on Tara’s tattoo list

“I got to an age where I said I don’t care what anyone thinks and I just love getting them. I love the colours. I’ve got four diamonds to represent my sons on one of my sleeves and cherries for my nana and stuff like that.

“It makes me feel more confident. I wore short sleeves in the summer when I normally would cover up.”

With her latest tattoo attracting so much attention, she is not stopping there. She has plans for a few other celebrity portrait tattoos in the future.

She said: “I want to get Billy Idol and Gene Simmons portrait tattoos on my left leg.”

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