Sharks Surround Surfers At Florida Beach! (VIDEO)

Seeing one shark swimming near people is scary enough. But a dozen or so? Yikes.

A new video above shows “10 to 15 sharks” swarming around young surfers May 25 at the New Smyrna Beach Inlet in Florida, according to the YouTube description. “This event lasted for about 45 minutes and was truly amazing!” poster Steve Anest wrote.



Anest told Orlando’s WKMG he had intended on filming his wife paddleboarding but then saw tell-tale shadows below the surface.

“Sharks were everywhere,” he told the station. “In a second, if I would’ve fallen off, or she would’ve fallen, that’s where the fear came in.”

Some swimmers “had no idea” the sharks were that close, he said in the news clip. However, he noted in the YouTube explainer that the sharks didn’t behave aggressively.

However, that’s not always the case. Two surfers were bitten in New Smyrna Beach in April after a 2013 calendar year in which four swimmers were bitten there.