So this is how a double-amputee cat goes down the stairs

This double amputee cat has worked out an ingenious way of getting down the stairs.

Boots, who has prosthetics where her back paws should be, was filmed hopping down the steps by owner Megan Brocato, who was relieved to get the footage after missing out the first time.



‘I just witnessed Boots go head first down the stairs in full handstand,’ the University of Colorado research assistant wrote on her Facebook page.

‘Of course, this could not be replicated on camera because I didn’t speak with her agent beforehand and now she is in the laundry room sulking.’

The next time it happened, Ms Brocato made sure to have a camera ready and caught the impressive descent.

Boots was adopted by her owners when she was just ten days old, and was missing her two paws at the time.