This Is The Worst Star Wars Exhibition Ever

This is the worst Star Wars exhibition everYes, this is Star Wars, apparently (Picture: Sploid)

It’s all wrong from the word go.

Princess Leia lying awkwardly on the floor like a drunk belly dancer, dirty clothes and manky old wigs.

Those visiting the Stars Wars exhibition in Wolfsburg, Germany, would have been forgiven for mistaking it for the set of a budget porn film.

The force was definitely not strong in this awful display of creepy mannequins, terrible lighting and all-round lameness.

Take Chewie for example – obviously just a wig glued to a doll head.

Chewie, is that you? (Picture: Sploid)Chewie, is that you? (Picture: Sploid)

And this rigid, on-edge looking Han Solo, who could do with getting his feet out in the sun once in a while.

On his Han Solo (Picture: Sploid)On his Han Solo (Picture: Sploid)

Or this distressing attempt at Princess Leia.

Princess Leia (Picture: Sploid)Princess Leia (Picture: Sploid)

We think this is an Ewok. Looks like it’s woven from pubic hair, but that would have been way too much of an effort for these organisers.

What!? (Picture: Sploid)What!? (Picture: Sploid)

And then, this.

(Picture: Sploid)What’s so important about this display that it has to be cordoned off? (Picture: Sploid)