White dude spends thousands on plastic surgery to turn himself into a Korean dude

We already know that Koreans are the bees’ knees at plastic surgery procedures, but we didn’t know they could take a white guy and turn him into an actual Korean.

The 25-year-old Brazilian man of European descent kept his real name quiet because I guess it’s irrelevant now as he wants to go by ‘Xiahn’, which definitely works.

According to the Korea Herald Xiahn underwent 10 surgical procedures at a cost of $3,100, which sounds like a super bargain for what he got, and he also dyed his hair black with brown streaks and bought himself a pair of colour contact lenses (colour remains a mystery, blue wouldn’t make sense and green would look weird, probably brown).

Xiahn originally got into the plastic surgery craze after spending time in South Korea as an exchange student and seeing how chill everyone was about it there.